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K-12 Budget Builder

Community School Budget Involvement

“K-12 Budget Builder” is a simple to use, web application that allows your community to participate interactively in the school budget process. Using a simple drag and drop interface, the community can propose what budget items stays and what goes from the current school budget! It enables the community to explore a number of creative options under the guidance and direction of your school management. K-12 Budget Builder not only helps your community feel involved in the budgeting process, it helps them to understand the difficult choices school districts must make when facing budget deficits.

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K-12 Student DataBlocs

Business Intelligence / Datawarehouse

“K-12 Student DataBlocs” is a data warehouse and business intelligence solution for K-12 school systems.  From a simple dashboard it provides a 360 degree view of your students from the time they enter your school district. K-12 Student DataBlocs brings sophisticated data warehousing and business intelligence capabilities that are readily found in Fortune 500 companies to the K-12 education space. With the use of our solution, school districts nationwide are now able to identify students at risks, skill gaps, reduce dropout rates and increase graduation rates.  All of this is available using a simple and visually intuitive dashboard.

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K-12 Community Dashboard

School / District Performance Metrics

“K-12 Community Dashboards” is an easy-to-use web application that is used to present student performance, test results, graduation rate, dropout rates, diversity, SAT scores and more visually using geographical maps and charts. Our solution was designed with the end-user in mind which makes it a breeze for even “technologically challenged” individuals to use.

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K-12 Trainer

Simulated eLearning

“K-12 Trainer” is a complete enterprise systems knowledge, training and process improvement solution that automates the creation of documentation, simulations and live in-application software support for school information systems including Student Information Systems (SIS), Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Response to Intervention Systems (RTI).  K12 Trainer generates an interactive library of transaction processes complete with screenshots and step by step instruction, ready to enable end users, project managers, process/business analysts/consultants to create simulated real time environments corresponding to their role and their need.

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Cloud Enabled Solutions (SaaS)

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DataBlocs stands out because the quality, proficiency and expertise oftheir consultants far exceeds what you can expect from larger consulting firms. Their solution coupled with their K12 domain knowledge is what makes them unique.
Prince William County Public Schools
DataBlocs turned our vision into reality, transforming the way we analyze data – from the superintendent to Principals to Teachers. The biggest advantage of using their system is it delivers the right information to the right people at the right time.
Charles County Public Schools